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     Managers in the Chemical Process Industries (CPI) often need to select one course of action among many alternatives. Since they don't have the time to extract, study and analyze vast amounts of raw data from numerous sources, TranTech Consultants, Inc. designed ChemPlan specifically to reduce information overload, enabling them to spend more time with their strategic decision making. Consequently, they can make more competent and cost effective decisions.

     ChemPlan is a powerful, knowledge-based database system with an extensive, multifaceted library covering all aspects of a chemical. It combines worldwide dynamic data and built-in expert models that result in an indispensable tool for decision makers in the CPI.

     ChemPlan is an exclusive, fully integrated, worldwide database containing site and technology specific process and product / trade name information, as well as supply / demand, market share, import, export, plant and producer, and production / investment cost data on specific classes of chemicals. Over 6000 producers, 8000 plants, 6000 processes, 1000 products, and 500 markets are covered, including: Water-Soluble Polymers, Polyurethane Chemicals, Superabsorbent Polymers, Organic Intermediate Chemicals, and commodity/speciality polymers.

     TranTech Consultants offers two easy ways to access some of the best decision making information available:

ChemPlan Online:

  • For decision makers who want fast and convenient access to our high quality data, sign up for ChemPlan Online! Just log into ChemPlan Online whenever you want. Easily build searches for information that is relevant to you. Generate reports in real-time and download them right to your PC or Mac in PDF or MS Excel format. Search for only what you need and get reports for what matters most to you. Report costs are per record, so if you need information on only a few plants, markets or processes – you pay for that data only. As a result your cost is a fraction of what you pay to multi-client reports. Furthermore, the data in ChemPlan are far superior to the information available from multi-client reports. Check out a brief demo on how to use ChemPlan Online and download some Sample Reports.

ChemPlan Desktop:

  • For decision makers with vast data requirements and the desire to manipulate data and prepare in-depth comparative analyses, there is our Desktop version of ChemPlan, where users have unlimited access to all of the data contained within ChemPlan. As an added feature, the desktop version also includes our remarkable Spreadsheet and Data Modeling capabilities. Want to see what will happen when your competitor upgrades a plant? Punch in the changes (like capacity or catalyst) and get a report - immediately. All the calculations are taken care of by the 300 plus integral models. ChemPlan software provides easy access to the most critical data needed in daily decision making and provides the necessary tools to analyze and customize the data. ChemPlan Desktop is the ultimate tool for "What if?" questions. The system dramatically enhances decision making in diverse areas such as cost and market analyses, product and process planning, and external and internal business development.

     Both versions of ChemPlan provide data in SI (Metric) and US Customary and Commonly Used (British) Units. All of our Product Group Markets are updated once yearly unless any major changes are required. Plant and Process data are updated weekly with at least four major revisions per year. For more information click on our About the Product page.

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