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     Reports in ChemPlan Online are described in the following:

     Company List :   Description of company.

     Plant List :   Provides a brief description of a plant including producer or formulator, location, and type of products.

     Detailed Plant :   A comprehensive report including plant list, total plant capacity and output, capacity 5 years from now, and capacity and output of similar products made in that plant, exports and imports for each product, plant status, city, state and location, and producer vs formulator.

     Process List :   An informative format describing the overall process including a summary of processing steps and type of product(s) made by the process.

     Process Investment :   This refers to the total investment needed to execute a single process, producing a single product, at the full design capacity on a stand-alone basis. An inclusive report covering design capacity, CE Index, Battery Limit Equipment, utilities, waste treatment and working capital.

     Production Cost :   A detailed report including raw materials, utility, waste treatment, labor, maintenance, depreciation, taxes and insurance, SG & A R & D and working capital.

     Process Description :   An informative format describing the overall process including a summary of processing steps with reaction description, temperature, pressure and time, and type of product(s) made by the process.

     Equipment :   Description of each major piece of equipment including equipment type, size and materials of construction.

     Production Cost Chart :   A summary chart covering raw materials, utilities, waste treatment, direct operating, plant gate, net production costs (NPC). This chart is sorted on NPC.

     Product List with Price :   Contract prices for Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.

     Trade name List :   A summary list of tradename products contained in the search.

     Producer and Price :   This report provides manufacturer’s name, tradename, chemical name, tradename distinguishing properties, price with shipping basis, quantity and source.

     Composition :   This report delivers tradename, chemical name and product composition including active ingredients, other ingredients and volatiles.

     Properties as Shipped :   This report contains tradename, chemical name, ingredients and properties as shipped such as density, pH, viscosity and more.

     Material Safety :   A detailed list of first aid, PEL and TLV values, volatiles, fire protection information, reactivity data, occupational control procedures, health hazard data and spill, leak and disposal procedures are provided.

     Solution Properties :   This report contains information on solubility, solution preparation, physical properties (specific gravity, freezing point, reflective index, surface tension…) and detailed viscosity data.

     Solubility in Water :   Solubility in water and solvents, cause of insolubility, additives causing insolubility, solubility vs temperature are discussed in this report.

     Bulk properties :   Tradename bulk properties such as polymer processing methods, softening temperature, density, equilibrium moisture content and many more bulk properties are reported.

     Absorption Properties :   This report provides absorption capacity (AC), retention, AC under load, AC versus time, gel strength and surface area.

     Film Properties :   This report details film processing methods, heat sealing capability and temperature, tensile strength, oxygen transmission rate and resistance to greases/oils, organic solvents and ultraviolet light.

     Compatibility :   With solvents, latex emulsions, preservatives, enzymes and plasticizers.

     Application :   Reports a specific area such as plywood adhesives in which a tradename is used.

     Function :   Reports a characteristic action of a tradename such as anti-scalant in a specific application.

     End Use :   Reports an industry in which a tradename is applied.

     Regulatory Status :   Describes FDA and EPA status of a tradename.

     Market List :   Description of market segments.

     Market (Supply & Demand) :   Regional capacity, output, import, export, consumption and market shares.

     United States Use, Western Europe Use, Japan Use, Asia Pacific Use, Latin America Use :   Five individual reports covering regional consumption and growth rate in various use areas.

     Plants and Products :   A very informative report providing capacity and output data for various products made at the same plant.

     Plants & Products (UR & NUR) :   Designed for polyether and polyester polyols covering various breakdowns of a product such as urethane versus non-urethane, triol versus diol, graft mold vs graft slab and more.

     Capacity and Region Chart :   Details plant capacity, output and future capacity. Provided are also regional capacity, output and future capacity, and regional consumption market share.

     Flow Diagram :   Regional flow of materials including capacity, output, future capacity, export and import.

     End Use Chart :   Regional and world end use consumption chart including complete and summary charts.

     Market Share Chart :   Regional and world consumption and market share by company.

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