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Welcome to ChemPlan Online!

ChemPlan Online is a dynamic platform and the logical next step for all your queries and analyses.   The current and integrated information on over 6000 producers, 8000 plants, 6000 processes, 1000 products, 500 markets, and corresponding costs are now available through this site.   Most of the production and capital costs are technology and site specific, exemplifying the integration level of a site. Once logged in, you can search; build queries, view and export, and print the data in ways that directly address your concerns.   Your costs are a fraction of what you pay to general multi-client studies. The result of your searches as well as tabular data and charts are automatically stored.   You may then proceed to download the data onto PDF, Excel or simply print and use it for the best business decisions.

We also offer unlimited use privileges. Please contact us for details.


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